Why Paris should be my next travel destination?

It’s a known fact that Paris is called the lovers’ city for the past years and is still being called because of the romantic atmosphere and alluring emotions of the city. Paris attracts millions of tourists each year all around the world as a result of the thrilling iconic attractions and amazing cultural experiences. Interestingly, Paris has a place on everyone’s bucket list. If you haven’t already added, you’re never too late to do it because Paris will never fail to amuse you.

Paris, which is the capital city of France has two international airports namely, Charles de Gaulle airport to the north and Orly airport to the south. Charles de Gaulle airport is the main airport of international flights operation. For anyone who looks forward to choosing an airline to Paris, Cathay Pacific would provide an excellent service and the safest journey.

Here you will find the best five reasons to choose Paris as your next travel destination out of the millions of tourists attracting cities out there.

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· World-famous landmarks

Paris, which was originally called Lutetia Parisiorum has likely found around 250 B.C. As the city has a great history, it showcases impressive architecture in ancient buildings. The most notable landmarks that every visitor love to see in Paris are listed below.

1.  Eiffel Tower

Paris and Eiffel tower is like a match made in heaven because this momentum adds extra value and beauty to the city. It’s no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind when hearing about Paris is the Eiffel tower. This 324 meters tall giant momentum which built-in 1889 and stands as the symbol of Paris city. The Eiffel tower has three levels with restaurants on the first and second levels. The top-level is only accessible to the public of the European Union. Nonetheless, around the Eiffel tower, there are well-maintaining gardens for picnics.

2. The Louvre museum

The Louvre is the largest and the most visited art museum in the world. Approximately 380,000 ancient objects and 35,000 artworks are displayed in 8 departments of this museum. Namely, the departments are Egyptian antiques, Near Eastern antiques, Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiques, Islamic art, sculptures, decorative arts, paintings, and print and drawings. Neither you’re interested or not in 15th to 19th-century artworks, do not forget to visit at least half of the museum and take a picture in front of the pyramids.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral showcases the amazing architecture like stunning sculptures, gothic cravings, rose windows and decorative doorways. This place was the setting of the Disney movie, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. In this Cathedral, you get the opportunity to see towers and the spire, iconography, stained glass, crypt, organ, and many more. You will never fail to capture an amazing collection of photos if you visit this Cathedral.

· Unbeatable French cuisine and cafes

French cuisine was influenced by Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. However, the French art of cuisine is amazing. They have unique food and many dishes are considered as a part of French national cuisine today. Their meal is taken in three courses. For instance, starter, main course, cheese, or dessert. You don’t have to dine in a world-class restaurant to taste the French food. You will find affordable, yet tasty food outlets and restaurants out there.

Before you return, do not forget to taste onion soup, seafood, steaks, beef, French fries, oysters as starters and main course and baguettes, croissants, macrons, eclairs as patisseries. Do not forget French cheese and wine. Your journey to Paris will be worthless if you do not try these cuisines.

· Shopping opportunities

Paris is a famous city for fashion. Even the most famous brands like Yves Saint Laurance, Dior, Chanel are based in Paris. This city is famous for the best merchandise and high-quality products. For a quick luxury cloth shopping, you can go to Boulevard Saint Germain. Rue du commerce, is the best place to buy all the makeup and beauty products. Not stopping there, you can buy antiques from Montmartre and home décor from Boulevard Haussmann. There are many more department stores, luxury stores are in Paris. You can do shopping like a pro when you do thorough research about all the shopping places.

Now you know the places to visit, food to try, and the places to go shopping in Paris. Book your flights right away to this beautiful city and witness the gorgeousness.